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Logo Sales 3/11/2008
LOGO Sales

RIV MISSION 3/28/2016
Every child, regardless of circumstances at birth, has the ability to succeed in life. For many children, Early Head Start and Head Start is a window of opportunity for their future success. Help us in our mission to support the important and necessary work of Early Head Start and Head Start programs by donating today then sharing our story with family and friends.

Child Advocacy 3/28/2016
Fundraising is fundamental to our advocacy work, and we need your help. RIVHSA’s Child Advocacy Fund (CAF) campaign supports advocacy activities designed to move forward public policy agendas at the state and national level through public campaigns, civic education, informational materials, outreach and other exercises. All campaign proceeds are used to support advocacy activities not association operating budgets. Our regional campaign goal is to raise one dollar for every funded enrollment slot in Region IV, and RIVHSA engages the active participation of its affiliates in the annual campaign drive. Get involved today!

AD Space 5/6/2017
AD SPACE ON SALE NOW! Whether your goal is to compete with other companies in your market, distinguish your product from competitors, launch new product or simply to attract new prospects participating in our conference will be one of the best decisions you will make this year!

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