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Did you wish that it was easy for attendees
to make their own reservations?

Wish #1 Granted

YOUR WISH IS Approved Events...

If your attendees can count to 3 then they can complete a registration for any event you offer through Approved Events. Registrations are made in 3 simple steps.
  1. Registrants enter their email address and choose from your choices of activities.
  2. They confirm their choice from Step 1 and fill in their name plus any other information you wish to ask for.
  3. They check out, paying for the registration by choosing from the methods of payment you have allowed.
To be honest, it is really easier than that, because if they are responding to an invitation that you had emailed to them from Approved Events Automatic Email Manager or had registered for an event in the past, most of the information is already filled in for them.

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